Auckland Entertainment Guide

Auckland is renowned for its many entertainment options, for both daytime and evening fun. The Arts Quarter is the place to head for if a fan of cultural activities. This useful blog will detail the theatres and galleries to be found, and readers will enjoy learning about the latest productions and exhibitions. Readers with a taste for adventurous entertainment will enjoy a trip in a seaplane, with lunch included. Undoubtedly, there are plenty of bars and restaurants in Auckland, catering for all preferences, whether it be a romantic meal or an evening of musical entertainment for all ages.

Arataki Visitor Center

9 Jun 2021

The Arataki Visitor Center is where you can pause and experience the majestic views of your surroundings. It's an outdoor park, so you're free to explore or sit in its grounds to have a picnic. It features a viewing post and wooden carvings that tell the tale of a well-known ancestry in Auckland.

Pah Homestead in Hillsborough

6 May 2021

Pah Homestead was a nunnery in 1877 before it became the home of an art gallery that curates masterpieces from the Sir James Wallace Arts Trust Collection, the TSB Bank Wallace Arts Center. It houses over 7,000 artworks, with many showing the beauty of Auckland and the history of New Zealand.

Sky Tower Dining

3 Apr 2021

A great cup of coffee at Sky Cafe and sumptuous meals at The Sugar Club are two things you can enjoy at Auckland's Sky Tower. Want to take matters to the next level and experience dining in a 360° revolving restaurant? You can do so at Orbit 360° Dining.